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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 7: Money DOES grow on trees!

Today I discovered Money Trees and spent a good amount of time scouring the countryside looking for them. I made enough money to buy a coffee maker for the Cafe. I hit a Casino with what was left and won another $100, which I used to set up the "Singer Family" group. I thought it would be a good idea to meet the other folks with the Singer last name...maybe have reunions and such :)

As I was making the Money Tree rounds, I discovered the Metaverse Messenger, an offline PDF newspaper for Second Life residents. That is cool enough, but in addition, they were hiring reporters. I "applied" for the job and will get my first assignment on Wednesday. Very cool! One week old and already I have a job!

While at the MM offices, I also discovered the InfoNet, which is like the internet in SL...very cool. Once I have more money and land with a bigger Prim allowance, I hope to bring in some portable InfoNet devices and turn the cafe into an InfoNet Cafe. :)


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