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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 5: Spook House

The day started out with a visit from Brenda, who had worked on a new lower prim house for me. Later on, I checked out some of the landmarks Robbie gave me yesterday, my favorite of which was Sinatra's Spook House. I even got a free T-Shirt!

Today I created my first objects from scratch: a mic stand and speakers for my cafe. It was so cool to finish them!

I chatted with Xolice who is working on a cool hay bale maze for halloween...nice guy, but he's all over the map with half-baked ideas. Maybe I'll do a venture with him sometime if I can keep him focused.

I realized later in the day that my cafe was extending over the neighbors property line, so I did some renovations to tuck it in a bit. I'm actually getting the hang of this building stuff. I finished off the day by shopping at Home Depoz and some other places for a new texture for the back wall.

Oh, and I used MP3 Wav Editor to combine 6 of my songs into one MP3 for streaming on my land.


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